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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

It's all about preparing for the big night...isn't it? I mean let's face it, the night on the town is the apex of your whole weekend! As you may well know, a normal night out can be hard on the mind and body, so when you are expecting a really big night out full of hen party dares, like a hen or stag party, you'd better be right and ready!! Hen parties are absolutely meant for girls. It is the sweet break from the ties of life and float into a surreal world, where you can do and think exactly the way you want. party hotels give girls the wonderful chance to pull up their socks and take part in the hullabaloo.

Though the trend leans towards spending a hen weekend in international locations, this really isn't something for everyone as a lot might not be able to get time off to participate. For hen weekends, make sure to send out hen party invitations in advance so that the guests can make adjustments in their schedule. Themed parties are a lot of fun for some people. If the celebrant enjoys theme parties, you might want to make sure her last night of freedom is the best one she can ever have and choose a theme she'd want.

You've done all the rest. The spa, nails, hair, tour. Now I have to suggest that, if it's affordable to you, you buy a new outfit for your night out. It really would put the cherry on the cake I think. Think about it, relaxed, refreshed, reinvigorated, nice day seeing the sites, all done up, looking good, new outfit. You know you love to shop. Shouldn't you be doing the things you love on your hen night?!

When you get Adonis strippers for your hen party, you don't have to stop there. One of the most popular hen ideas in Brighton is to get their entire troupe for a performance. This is considered one of the best hen party game Brighton because it ensures that you get all round entertainment and not just a strip show. Other members of their troupe include quirky drag queen hostess who will keep you amused throughout, unusual standup comics who will keep you in splits as well as DJs who will keep you dancing all night. Light and sound equipment is included in the package so that you can have a perfect party experience.
Hens that love the outdoors will certainly enjoy other daytime hen party activities. A day horseback riding might be a better way to see the sights in that particular location as opposed to taking the usual tour. If you think it's going to be expensive, choose one gift to personalise and get your hens to each chip in a couple of quid. You'll be able to find something that fits. It's a really lovely way of going that extra mile and showing your chief hen that a little thought and time has gone into her hen party. VIP entry to bars and clubs - If in order to still keen to hit the town, why not make sure the group has VIP access? Individual in charge of planning for such an event, here are some hen party game for energy.
Cambridge Hen Party Dares - Fancy Dress?

If she's keen on driving, and likes her cars, then she's bound to love a driving experience, such as a day racing supercars, or trying to beat you and the rest of the girls at go carting. Would she prefer driving a tank, or a JCB digger instead?

There are a lot of possible hen party themes, you just have to choose one that appeals to the celebrant. Go for a disco, policewoman, angel, Willy, L-plate, Sex and the City, naughty nurse, pimps & prostitutes, sash, Playboy Bunny, or any other theme that you'd enjoy dressing up for. Regardless of the chosen theme, certain accessories will guarantee that the party itself will be a lot more fun for everyone. As mentioned earlier, there are some themes that cannot do without them. So, start planning for the party by choosing a theme and the right accessories that will go with it.

Place settings are something which can drive any bride to be up the wall! Make yours stand out by getting some funky party shoe place settings. These are great for a fashionable bride and bring some extra glamour to your wedding day. They show the level of planning, detail and commitment you have put into the big day. You can even let the guests take these home as little wedding gifts.

Is your hen a wannabe starlet? Why not give her the full celebrity experience to celebrate the closing days of her single life? Picture this: you all show up at your exclusive venue for the evening and the paps are there in force. Dressed in your finery you exit your limo and work the crowd as the photographers shout your name and call for you to strike a pose. An exciting way to start your big last night of freedom, right?

This is a fun party game that can be played with just a few people or many. You can play it at holiday parties, with holiday themes, or even at office parties with an office theme. Play it at birthday parties or just when your friends come over to hang out. It'll become a favorite game for all of you!Hot Pumpkin - Grab one of those mini pumpkins from your local grocery store. It will make the perfect prop for playing "Hot Pumpkin", and Halloween variation of "Hot Potato". Play some spooky Halloween music and when it stops, whoever has that pumpkin is out for that round. Play until there is just one left and you have your winner!

Pin The Tail On The Donkey - Hang a large donkey poster onto a wall. Have all the kids line up. The first child steps up to be blindfolded, spun around, and given a donkey "tail" that has double-stick tape on the back. Aim the child towards the donkey and let him or her try to pin the tail closest to where it belongs. This is a game that is easily adapted to various themes. For example, it could be Pin the Bow to Hello Kitty, or Pin the Torch on the Statute of Liberty.

This is a great circus clowns party game for slightly older children. Prior to the party, gather together a few "clown" outfits - garish shirts, oversized pants and shoes, suspenders, wigs and a red noses - and put them in a box or basket. Gather guests together and split them up into teams small enough so that there is one outfit available for each team member; teams compete one after the other. The object of the game is to be the fastest team to have members race one-by-one from the starting line to the basket of clothes, put on a full clown's outfit and run back again. The team with the fastest time is the winner. This circus clowns party game will give you great photo opportunities.

Bake some royal shaped cookies as a fun party craft idea. Let each girl paint her own regal cookies with some new washed paint brushes and some colored frosting. Make tiaras with the girls. You can find the printable tiara templates you need to help you design and make a tiara. Use stickers, markers and adhesive jewels to decorate your tiaras anything to spice up your hen party dares!